Books, Hills and Satellite Navigation...

On a freezing cold Saturday morning when you just want to be tucked up in bed with a huge duvet the last thing on your mind should be scraping ice of the car. Yet this is what we found ourselves doing last Saturday to go and visit the little town of Hay on Wye, otherwise known as β€˜The Town of Books.’ After a brief mishap with the SatNav Gods we arrived and it soon became apparent where Hay on Wye got it's nickname from...

This town has a lot of bookshops! As well as the more traditional bookshops (ones with doors and cash registers) all around the town there are little pop up bookshops with honesty boxes for the reader to take a book with the understanding they will pay the price by posting their money into a tin.

The most interesting 'shop' by far was a garage which had just been fitted with some shelves and left open!

Garage Book Shop

During the summer Hay holds The Hay Festival, an annual literature festival which is world famous and has sparked the introduction of Hay festivals all over the world including Spain, Peru, Columbia and Mexico.

You can find out more about this year's festival here

Sat in a coffee shop which I'm pretty sure used to be a slaughter house judging by the hooks hanging from the ceiling, we decided to go and see the view from the Hay Bluff. On the outskirts of the Brecon Beacons and only 16 minutes away (according to the angry SatNav Gods) it should have been a simple trip.

It was not.

Though I will refer to the narrow strip of tarmac as a road, it was far from being one. You could just about drive one car up it but the problem came when a car came the other way!

Plenty of cars were coming the other way.

We eventually gave up against the oncoming traffic and shot off a little side road to snap some pics up in the even colder hills!

All in all it was an enjoyable day of meandering around and shooting photos and I can't wait for our next little adventure!

Until next time,