Day 13 - A Beautiful Sight

I was going to go for the standard landscape shot for today but come on. How thirsty does this make you? I don't really drink much but I am so ready for summer to come already. It's been a very cold 2017 in Worcester so far!

Day 12 - Black and White

This is where I park my spaceship. Also sometimes my car.

Day 11 - Cozy

Cozy. I was busy today so this is one from the archives, visiting friends in Poland. His name is Thor.

Day 10 - Dark

One of my favourite things to do in an evening is to go for a drive with Nicole. We're never actually heading anywhere but there's just something about the emptiness of the roads. The best time to drive is after midnight.

Day 9 - Boots

These are my boots. They are comfy boots. 

Day 8 - Sunrise (Failed)

So day 8 of the 365 photo challenge was sunrise... I've been up since 0530, drove to Malvern, climbed up a big hill, got to the top by 0750. And that's when the fog rolled in. This was the least foggy photo I got (because let's be honest, a photo of all encompassing fog is in no way interesting.) So this may not be an actual sunrise but it's a story about how I tried and failed to get a sunrise photo today.

Day 7 - Cold

Honestly it's been pretty mild today but when Nicole heard that we were getting up at half 5 tomorrow morning to climb to the top of the Worcestershire Beacon she wanted to be prepared for the frost...

Day 6 - Blue

The nation went wild today with Ed Sheeran releasing his two new songs, 'Castle on the Hill' and 'Shape of You'. As most of today has been taken up listening to some of his older stuff as well as these two new ones I thought I had better go with this for today's photo!

You can check out the songs here

Castle on the Hill

Shape of You